Kickstarter Sorta Spooky Enamel Pin - You can only pledge to buy via Kickstarter link above

Pledge £7 and be one of the first to get a Cute and Creepy Cute & Creepy doll enamel pin at a discounted price. Pick a pin of your choice from the unlocked designs and as an extra bonus you will receive a surprise matching sticker too.

Hard Enamel Pin
Surprise Sticker

Everyone knows that creepy girls are the cutest and this project is dedicated to all you sorta spooky people out there! I have designed 5 cute and creepy dolls combining traditional Cute & Creepy doll tattoo style and all the weird and wonderful things I love most. The initial funding goal of £500 will fund the production of 2 T-shirt designs and 3 pins but I would love more than anything if I could raise enough to get all 5 designs made into hard enamel pins and atleast 3 into t-shirts.