Vickilicious Designs. 

Independent South Wales based tattoo culture & lifestyle brand for the inked up and adventurous. 

Cute & Creepy Doll NFT project

I’m looking to the future and starting the next chapter of the Vickilicious story. When I started looking into NFTs, I thought WOW this is the future and I knew straight away the perfect person to partner with on this project, Fraser!! So I reached out to him and now I am boldly, if not a nervously, jumping into this thrilling, dynamic space. This is all so new to me and I’m so excited with how much more flexible NFT art is compared to traditional art forms. And whats more it feels like a space where women have a real seat at the table and can make a real difference!


Ink & Blood Rose Collection

This was my first Kickstarter project “Ink & Blood Rose” it’s inspired by traditional tattoo flash and culture. I wanted to create something bold, edgy & beautiful that hopefully you guys will wear to death! 

Thanks to everyone who pledged and supported this project. It was so exciting to be able to produce a whole collection of pins.