About Vickilicious


Vickilicious is all about re-discovery of a childhood passion for me. Sadly my mum died suddenly of cancer in 2010. When I was sorting through her keep sakes I found all the homemade cards and paintings I had made for over the years, she had lovingly saved them all.
Losing my mum and finding all those drawings and cards made me realised I had lost touch with that part of myself. I was a Graphic Designer in a branding agency at the time and I spent most of it front of a computer and I had forgotten how much I loved just putting pencil to paper and drawing for pleasure and to create something beautiful.
I dusted off my coloured pencils and pens and Vickilicious Designs was born. My first job was to design a tattoo in honour of my mum's memory. I wear it on my left arm with pride and the knowledge she is always by my side.

I left my job in March 2015 so i could focus on growing my dream in to a business.