Cute & Cursed - Egyptian Russian Doll Tattoo Sticker

She will seduce you with her beauty then curse you for eternity!

Tattoo illustration of a CUTE & CURSED Egyptian Cute & Creepy doll dressed in blue, gold & orange with a scarab beetle necklace, ankh detailing and an Egyptian serpent on her belly. Drawn in Pro Create on the iPadPro.

Matte stickers
4.8x8.5 cm

My cute and creepy girl gang!

My dead cute set of illustrations are inspired by my Gran in Manchester who was a little kooky with her mis-matched striped socks & beret and a little bit spooky holding regular séances in her spare room and baking creepy witches fingers to scare us on halloween! 

So I dedicate this collection of cute and creepy girls to all you sorta spooky people out there. I hope they inspire you to embrace your inner weirdo!

Stay Weird!

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