Lunar Witch Black Cat glitter sticker

Glitter sticker featuring a tattoo illustration of a black cat. Part of the Lunar Witch NFT collection the cat is featured as on of the tummy traits within the collection.

Lunar Witch Lore: In a mystical realm, a black cat dwelled. With its night wisdom, psychic insight, and ghostly grace, it became Lunar's most trusted companion. Lunar, a powerful witch, would often transform into the cat to move unnoticed under the moon's glow. Together, they embarked on daring adventures, guided by the cat's intuition and supernatural knowledge. Whispers of their enchanting escapades spread, inspiring awe and hope among all who heard. Bound by an extraordinary bond, they wove magic and enchantment, illuminating even the darkest corners of the realm.

You can mint/buy your very own unique Lunar Witch from my website:

Glitter stickers

5.3 x 5cm

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