Lunar Witch Celestial Body glitter sticker

Glitter sticker featuring a tattoo illustration of a Celestial Body. Part of the Lunar Witch NFT collection the Celestial Body is featured as on of the tummy traits within the collection.

Lunar Witch Lore: Once in a distant realm, a Lunar Witch possessed a rare gift. She called upon Celestial Magic, harnessing the fire of the sun and the light of the stars. With a spell, she unveiled a hidden gate to a celestial spirit world. Cosmic spirits entered her, granting her the power to heal and make wishes come true. The Lunar Witch became a beacon of hope, spreading light, healing, and fulfilling desires with her celestial gift. Her tale echoed through time, teaching us the boundless magic of compassion, faith, and the universe itself.

You can mint/buy your very own unique Lunar Witch from my website:

Glitter stickers

4.8 x 4.9cm

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