Lunar Witch Ouija Planchette glitter sticker

Glitter sticker featuring a tattoo illustration of a Ouija Planchette. Part of the Lunar Witch NFT collection the planchette is featured as on of the tummy traits within the collection.

Lunar Witch Lore: A coven of witches named The Dark Arts gathered one moonlit night. They formed a circle and lit three candles to attract wandering spirits. Lunar, the oldest witch, placed her fingertips on the Ouija board and called out to the spirits. As the seance began, the planchette moved, revealing secrets and wisdom from another realm. The witches listened in awe until dawn broke, before bidding farewell to the spirits. Filled with newfound knowledge, they dispersed, carrying the magic of the seance within them.

You can mint/buy your very own unique Lunar Witch from my website:

Glitter stickers

5.5 x 4.5cm

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