Lunar Witch Owl glitter sticker

Glitter sticker featuring a tattoo illustration of an owl. Part of the Lunar Witch NFT collection the owl is featured as on of the tummy traits within the collection.

Lunar Witch Lore: In a realm of enchantment, Lunar Witch and her wise owl companion shared the secrets of the night. The owl, a messenger between worlds, summoned fellow witches to join Lunar in a moonlit dance. Together, they wove spells and created a shimmering tapestry of magic, enchanting all who beheld their ethereal revelry. As dawn approached, they bid farewell until the owl's call would bring them together once more, leaving whispers of their moonlit enchantment to echo through the ages.

You can mint/buy your very own unique Lunar Witch from my website:

Glitter stickers

4.7 x 4.1cm

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