Morana Snow Moon Handmade Card

Morana Snow Moon was adored for her beauty and yet feared for the shadows that danced in her wake. Her breath a soft whisper that carried the chill of winter, her eyes a mirror like the icy depths of the frozen lakes.It was Morana who decided when winter's embrace would loosen. Her magic was not of sorrow but of renewal.

She did not bring the cold out of malice, but out of love for the cycles of nature, ensuring that the land rested, only to awaken more vibrant and full of life.With the casting of her spell, ice would melt from the weeping willows, snowdrops would pierce the melting snow. Animals, long hidden in the cozy dens, would stir, their eyes blinking in the newfound light.

Drawn on the iPad Pro in Procreate, then printed onto a 300gsm card with a dusting of shimmer and hand finished with star dust glitter and gems.

Blank inside for your own personal message.
Black envelope included.

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