Witch from Hell - Baphomet Cute & Creepy Doll Tattoo Print

Tattoo illustration of a Witch From Hell Cute & Creepy doll dressed in cosmic black and red stripes with a Baphomet goat demon with painted red horns on her belly. Drawn in Pro Create on the iPadPro then printed on a 315gsm soft textured natural white etching paper. 

Halloween Every Day!

A4 Print
315g Etching Paper

My cute and creepy girl gang!

Everyone knows that creepy girls are the cutest and this creepy gang are no exception. My collection of Vickilicious dolls are a celebration of all the people who are just a little bit different and make this such a wonderfully rich, exciting world to live in. We just love being different at Vickilicious Designs so welcome to our gang! 

Stay Weird!

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