Kokeshi Flower Moon Handmade Card

As the full flower moon ascends to its throne in the sky, Kokeshi Flower Moon weaves an enchanting melody, as soft and melodious as the song of a nightingale.

Her spell, spun from the whispering wind and the dreams of blossoming buds, dances across the enchanted lands. Slumbering flowers awaken, bursting into vibrant blooms as May’s gentle warmth kisses their leaves and petals. This miraculous moon heralds the cycle of life and death, a sacred time when the world itself seems to inhale deeply and exhale in a myriad of colours and fragrances.

Kokeshi Flower Moon chants softly an ancient truth, of gratitude for the world’s beauty, the virtue of patience, and the importance of nurturing the seeds of new beginnings. The hearts of all who hear her magical lullaby are filled with hope and love, and a profound joy of life’s perpetual renewal.

Drawn on the iPad Pro in Procreate, then printed onto a 300gsm card with a dusting of shimmer and hand finished with star dust glitter and gems.

Blank inside for your own personal message.
Black envelope included.

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